"In Jesus we find everything"

Congregation of the SACRED HEARTS
General Governments of the Brothers and Sisters, Rome



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  • Good Father"Do better than your guide, my friends; because, in truth, I am not worthy to be called your father. Nevertheless, today I renew my resolutions, to take all of you in the future, by my example, through all kinds of sacrifices which might glorify our good Master."

  • Good Mother"In your anxieties, your sorrows, your perplexities, pray to God. He alone can help you."

  • Good Father"Tell my children to let nothing disturb them. Let them cling to the cross! The cross has vanquished more enemies than can ever be thought of. In a word, let them pray and hope."

  • Good Mother"God wants an order destined to adore his Heart, to repair the outrages he receives, to enter into the interior sorrows of this Heart, to retrace the four periods of his life. He wishes the Rule to be somewhat austere, in order that his crucified life may be imitated."

  • Good Father"When I am before the Blessed Sacrament at midnight, I send my blessing to all of you."

  • Constitutions art. 8"The General Government of the brothers and sisters are jointly, in the final instance, the guarantors of the unity of the whole Congregation."

  • Good Mother"I realize all that you need and I suffer from all that you lack. May the Divine Heart be your support and your model."

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