"In Jesus we find everything"

Congregation of the SACRED HEARTS
General Governments of the Brothers and Sisters, Rome



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  • Good Mother"We can never realize sufficiently the grace God gives to those whom he chooses for his consecrated ones."

  • Good Father"Remember that God rewards after death only the saints who have lived as saints."

  • Good Mother"Do not be discouraged because the subjects coming to us have not succeeded. God who desires our work wishes that we experience all the ordinary vicissitudes in similar circumstances, but he asks for constant and faithful perseverance."

  • Good Father"May the daughters of the Divine Heart realize that they have entered religion only to die to themselves."

  • Good Mother, 1814"Be calm. If we have even a very small amount of faith, we shall not perish."

  • Good Father"Do not be frightened at the news that might be spread about me; all that is but vapor."

  • Good Mother"I embarrass you very much before communion. But when I am about to make my act of contrition, and think whom I am going to receive and who I am, I become lost."

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