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  • Good Father"For love of us and also to make us feel that we could imitate him in everything, Our Lord willed, after his birth, to preserve the weak appearance of childhood."

  • Good Mother"Remember that to teach the Our Father and the Hail Mary to the poor is more pleasing than to say many prayers and even to say them well."

  • Good Father"The best way to succeed is by not hurrying too much. It is certain that you will come out of it by modesty and real abandonment to Divine Providence."

  • Good Mother"Special graces are not a proof of sanctity. One can be very saintly without being thus favored."

  • Good Father"God gives us what is necessary but he does not approve of waste. After the multiplication of loaves, Our Lord said: 'Gather up the fragments.' "

  • GM

    "God wishes us to enter within ourselves several times a day, even if for only a moment, to adore Him because he dwells therein and he takes his delight there. By means of this fidelity in communing intimately with God, you will acquire the facility of remaining at his feet. There will no longer be room f?or worries"

  • Good Father"Farewell, let us become saints. Oh, how happy are those who die in peace!"

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