"In Jesus we find everything"

Congregation of the SACRED HEARTS
General Governments of the Brothers and Sisters, Rome



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  • Good Father"Teach the pupils what they should do rather than what they should avoid."

  • Good Mother"When you say: “This sister is good, that other one is not so much”, you risk lacking in charity."

  • Good Father"The science of sciences, the noblest task here below is to form the hearts of children to the love of God. This function demands constant vigilance, much activity, experience and tact."

  • La Bonne Mère"We are in this vale of tears like travelers hoping to reach a safe harbor."

  • Good Father"May all my children remain in the true paths of perfection, and may they be well persuaded that there is not a single one of them for whose salvation I would not sacrifice my very life."

  • La Bonne Mère"God alone will sustain you! Courage, health, and peace! All for God and nothing but to please Him!"

  • Good Father"God above all else! Put much modesty and abandonment into everything."

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