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The magazine «21» in Spain celebrates 100 years (Brs)

Over the course of 2017-2018, the magazine “21” published by the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts with headquarters in Madrid, celebrates its Centennial. With the slogan, « Cien años moviendo corazones  » (100 years of touching hearts) we will both celebrate the contribution that the magazine has made to religious publication in Spain and relaunch it with the monthly distribution in hardcopy and a new digital version on the web www.21ers.es

A special commemorative number will be published in May 2018 as well as a one-day seminar entitled: God-talk amidst a Secularized society: Means of Christian communication for the future. On one of the Sunday in Easter time, in a televised celebration of the Eucharist from Sacred Hearts parish in Madrid, « El Día del Señor-Santa Misa » on TVE (Television Española), we will thank the Lord for the centennial. 

The program “Testimonio” TVE had a program on the anniversary with the input of Fernando Cordero sscc, the current editor. 

Fr Eduardo Gutierrez (provincial) and the Castilla brothers, great promoters of the magazine.

The link to “Testimonio”
(in Spanish)