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First Profession of Sr Alexandria Martín sscc (Srs)

0n May 13, 2017 at 10 am, we had the joy of witnessing Alexandria Martín’s proposal of love to Jesus (the way she called her first profession) in the little Chapel of Sisters Novitiate at Scout Limbaga, QC. Philippines.

It was simple but very sweet celebration. The mass was very solemn and touching flavored with songs of different languages: English, Tamil, Hindi, Latin and Tagalog. Alexandria was emotional; while Fr. Oscar Jegaut sscc lightly inspiring us with his homily, he said to be a religious is to take Jesus as our only direction in life. He reminded Alexandria to remain in the HEART of Jesus as she herself said in her theme “I Choose you, Remain in my love”. It was also a beautiful reminder for us who has professed.

Indeed, we deeply rejoice to welcome Alexandria to be officially part of the Sacred Hearts Family. May she continue cherishing her life by Contemplating, Living and Proclaiming God’s love day by day. Hearty congratulations Alexandria!