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CIAL Ongoing Formation in Quito (Brs)

We have begun an Ongoing Formation meeting organized by the CIAL that takes place between May 16 and 26 in Ecuador. We are gathered in Quito at the Pamba Cross SSCC Prayer House in Conocoto which belongs to the SSCC sisters.

In total we are 21 brothers from eight countries, but the 17 who are participating in the meeting are from seven countries (we list below). The coordinators of the meeting are Guillermo Rosas (Chile), Hilvar Loyaga (Ecuador) and Arley Guarín (Colombia), and Martín Königstein comes from Germany as spiritual companion.

The brothers who have been called to participate are those who have between five and fifteen years of perpetual vows, and the purpose that has been proposed to us is to reflect together the life and mission to which we have been called; seeking to generate common views as well as to deepen our sense of belonging to the Congregation. All this is lived as a spiritual time, that is, of meeting with ourselves and with the Lord. 

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