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"To the heart nothing is far away" (Good Mother)

  • 13.07.2007Sessions "Picpus 2007": July 13-17  Info Sessions "Picpus 2007"  July 13-17, 2007       Friday, 13th July, we submerged ourselves into the Church of France and into the French Revolution, with the help of a priest of the Diocese of Besançon, an eminent histo...

  • 10.07.2007Sessions "Picpus 2007": July 10-12  Info Sessions "Picpus 2007 "  July 10-12, 2007           On Tuesday, 10th July, we visited the sources of Religious Life led by Sr. Bernardette Delizy, of the Congregation of St. Clotilde. The morning was dedicated to...

  • 07.07.2007Sessions "Picpus 2007": picture of the participants The participants to Sessions « Picpus 2007 »: SS.CC. sisters and brothers coming from the five continents!

  • 07.07.2007Sessions "Picpus 2007": July 7-9   Info Sessions "Picpus 2007"  July 7-9, 2007                  The official opening of Picpus 2007 took place after dinner on July 7th.       ...

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