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"To the heart nothing is far away" (Good Mother)

  • 19.09.2017Assembly of the SSCC Latin America (Brs & Srs)  

  • 18.09.2017Meeting of the economes of CIAL (Brs) The CIAL economes meeting was held in Atyrá, around 60 kms away from Asunción, the capital of Paraguay. It took place from the eve of 14th September to 18th morning 2017. The participants were Arley Guarín (Andina), Paulo Texeira (Brasil), Guiller...

  • 17.09.2017† Fr. Santiago (Joaquin) SALINAS SANCHO sscc (Iberia) Fr. Joaquin, 90 years old, died on September 17, 2017 in El Escorial (Spain). He entered the novitiate in 1944 and he was professed on October 4, 1945 in El Escorial (Spain). He was ordained a priest in El Escorial (Spain) on September 28, 1952.

  • 16.09.2017Annual retreat of the Region of India (Brs) From the 11th to 15th of September 2017, the annual retreat of the Region of India was held at St. Vincent Dhyan Ashram, in Gopalpur-on-Sea (Odissa). For various reasons (health, exams…) not all the members of the Region could participate in the retreat. The re...

  • 15.09.2017Beginning of the Novitiate Spain (Sisters) On 14 September, the entrance of three new novices, Judith, Rachel and Catherine, from the Democratic Republic of Congo, took place in the Henrietta Aymer- novitiate community (Madrid, Spain). During a simple prayer service, they entrusted this new stage to the Lord. ...

  • 08.09.2017Initial formation in Poland (Brs) Following the tradition, a new batch of novices began on 7 September 2017 at“Christus Rex”, the “mother house” of Polish Province, in Polanica Zdrój. During a very simple celebration two young men, Dawid and Michal, made their commitment to ...

  • 05.09.2017September 2017: Calendar of Events (Brs & Srs) CLICK

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