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General Commission of IF

General Commission of Initial Formation

The General Commission of IF was created by the 37th General Chapter (2006) (Cf. Document “Structures”, n. 6). Previously there was already an International Commission with representatives from the various Conferences and the so called then Geographic Areas, which had been working since April 2002. 

The Commission supports the Government General in the animation and implementation of the IF at all levels of the Congregation, paying particular attention to the General Chapter´s decisions regarding IF. A member of the General Government is its coordinator (currently Camille Sapu). 

The first meeting of the Commission took place at the General House from June 3 to 10, 2007.

Meetings of the Commission
GCIF Minutes meeting June 2007
GCIF Action Plan June 2007
GCIF Members and local coordinators of IF (May 2007)
GCIF Minutes meeting January 2009
GCIF Action Plan January 2009
GCIF Members and local coordinators (January 2009)
GCIF Minutes meeting February 2012
GCIF Action Plan February 2012
GCIF Minutes meeting June 2014   (only in Spanish)
GCIF Action Plan June 2014
GCIF Members and local coordinators (July 2014)

Meetings around perpetual vows

(English) Bandung, May-June 2009
(English) Yogyakarta, July-August 2011
(English) Yogyakarta, July-August 2013
(Spanish) Santiago de Chile, 2005-2006 (see Spanish section)
(Spanish) Lima, Dec.2009-Jan.2010
(Spanish) Chinauta (Colombia), 2013-14 (see Spanish section)

Statistics IF